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Italian restaurant - Glasgow - Fratelli Sarti - Sarti Restaurant

Sarti, Bath St.

121 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 2SZ 
0141 204 0440

Sarti Bath Street, described as “Not an Italian restaurant, but a restaurant in Italy” by the London Times was the second of our three Italian restaurants to be opened to be opened in Glasgow.

When you step into Sarti in Bath Street you feel as though you are being transported into a restaurant in Italy. In fact, you almost reach for your passport and then expect to be greeted by warm sunshine when you go back out into the heart of Glasgow. 

This authentic Italian restaurant has a busy feel with the waiters rushing around, the regulars standing with their drinks and enjoying the assortments of aperitivi and people in the cantina discussing what wine to bring home for the weekend. With our open kitchen, the restaurant is always filled with wonderful aromas from the flaming pans of the busy chefs. 

The Cantina in Sarti Bath Street is used for Italian wine tastings, food matchings and a range of other activities with spaces limited and the events almost private. Details of events like these will always be advertised on our website, in our restaurants or on any of our other social media outlets. The cantina is also available for private hire; if this is something you would be interested in, you can ask any one of our Managers for more information. 

Like our Wellington Street restaurant, Sarti Bath street offers our own Sarti blend coffee (ground or bean) which is made from our own family recipe dating back 100 years and a selection of other Italian products. Also at Sarti Bath street will you find the biggest selection of Italian wines which you can purchase to take home. 

Sarti are becoming quite famous for Italian Christmas specialties like Panettone and Pandoro, as well as other seasonal gifts for Italian food-lovers. In Spring, we carry a large range of Italian Easter products such as the beautifully wrapped Easter eggs and Columba. Our Sarti Hampers our popular throughout the year, and can be created to order (see our Hamper page for more info regarding hampers & the various prices). 

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