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Fresh Sauces & Filled Pasta

Everything you need to create the great taste of Sarti at home.
Cook the pasta, heat the sauce…so simple!

Buon Appetito!

Fresh Pasta & Gnocchi

All of our filled-pasta portions are suitable for 2 people.


Meat filled ravioli
(approx 340g)



Tortelli with a rich, pork filling
(approx 300g)


Ravioloni (v)

Ravioloni stuffed with Ricotta di Bufala & Spinach
(approx 400g – 8 very large pieces)


Fresh Gnocchi (v)

1kg Bag


Pasta Sauces

All of our pasta sauces are freshly made, every day, using exactly the same recipes that you’ve enjoyed in Sarti restaurants. All are suitable for freezing.

Serves 2 people

Cook the pasta, heat the sauce…and you’re enjoying the great taste of Sarti in the comfort of your own home!

Pollo e Peperoni

Chicken, red peppers, garlic, parsley flamed in white wine…with a touch of tomato sauce.


Arrabiatta (v)

Tomato, onion & chilli.



Meaty tomato sauce


Pomorola (v)

Simple tomato & basil sauce
(and easy to add your own ingredients)


Pesto (v)

A heavenly mix of basil, pine kernel, green beans and Parmigiano pesto, with a touch of extra virgin olive oil



Crumbled Sarti sausage, onion, cream & grana.



Crumbled Sarti sausage, red wine and tomato.



Delicious sauce, made with cream, pancetta, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, peppers, basil, garlic & parmesan.



Pancetta, egg and Parmigiano with a touch of cream.


Pollo e Broccoli

Chicken, broccoli and a touch of cream.



Pancetta, onion, fresh rosemary, red wine and a splash of tomato.


Portioned Dishes
That Go Straight In the Oven

Portioned Dishes
That Go Straight In the Oven

Lasagne (Meat OR Vegetable)

Lasagne the way it should be made. Layers of pasta, ragù, bechamella and lots of Parmigiano.



Rolled pork belly, stuffed with garlic & herbs, and oven roasted. A portion is 2/3 slices, with a touch of sugo.


Allergies: if you have any allergies, please make us aware of these when ordering your food.
As all our food 
freshly prepared, we can often adjust our recipes according to any allergies or preferences.

There are lots of other items that Sarti have in stock and are available to the public – so please ask, if there’s something you’d like.

Please also keep in mind that all products are subject to availability & pricing may change (but you’d be notified of this in advance of any purchase).

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– We will call you back to confirm your order & also to collect payment by card.
This may take 24-48 hrs, depending on when your order is placed.
– At this time, we’ll also be able to discuss any specific requirements you may have around delivery.

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sarti logo - italian restaurant glasgow

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