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Sarti, Wellington St.

133 Wellington Street, G2 2XD
0141 248 2228

The breakfast club at Sarti Wellington Street has now become a Glasgow meeting place landmark. From 8am every morning the restaurant fills with people enjoying a few moments of peace before the hustle and bustle of their busy days. Cappuccini, Italian toasts, croissants and fresh orange juice is served non stop till around 11am when everyone disappears back to work.

No sooner is the restaurant re-assembled that the lunchtime rush begins and the bustle that is Sarti starts again.

At Sarti Wellington Street you are able to buy to take home our Salsiccia Toscana (hot or mild), cheeses like Gorgonzola, Taleggio, Pecorino Toscano, Dolcelatte and Fontina. We will gladly slice you Prosciutto di Parma, Salame Toscano or Milano, Coppa, Mortadella, Bresaola, Speck and Filetto di Cinghiale. You may also choose from the ample range of "sott'olio" products and a selection of Italian pastries and biscuits, our range of Italian Christmas specialities like Panettone and Pandoro is quite large and Sarti has become a popular place to shop for your festive goodies.

Like all Sarti restaurants it is highly recommended that you reserve a table as it gets very busy most nights and your reservation will guarantee you a table and avoid a wait and disappointment.

Sarti, Bath St.

121 Bath Street, G2 2SZ
0141 204 0440

Bath Street Sarti "Not an Italian restaurant, but a restaurant in Italy" The London Times

When you step into Sarti in Bath Street you feel as though you are stepping into a restaurant in Italy, in fact you almost reach for your passport and then expect to be greeted by warm sunshine when you go back out to Glasgow Street.

The restaurant has a busy feel with the waiters rushing around, the regulars standing with their drinks and enjoying the assortment of aperitivi and people in the cantina discussing what wine to bring home for the weekend.

Sarti, Renfield St.

42 Renfield Street, G2 1NE
0141 572 7000

Sarti in Renfield St. is housed in a beautiful 1890's banking hall with Murano chandeliers and original marble features - but don't let that put you off if you want to sample Sarti's famous pizza and pasta dishes!

You'll find everything here that you would in Bath St. and Wellington St. but with Renfield St's individual specials.

All evenings at Sarti are busy so it would be better if you could reserve your table in advance, that way you can avoid a wait at the bar, bookings are only taken by telephone and those numbers are available at the "contact us" section of this site.

At all the Sarti restaurants your meal is cooked to order therefore a little patience is required especially when it is very busy, nobody at Sarti will rush you so take the opportunity to relax and enjoy your evening.
To book a table visit our contact page
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