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Authentic Italian Restaurants & Cafes in Glasgow’s City Centre

Although the restaurants are closed for sit-in, click here to see what we’re doing over lockdown.

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our plan for the next 3 weeks

Lockdown #2 – this is what’s happening…

Takeaway Food:
Breakfast, lunch, dinner & coffee are available for collection from Sarti Wellington St.
We’re open Mon – Fri: 9am – 9pm and Sat – Sun: 3pm – 9pm.

Piping hot pasta & pizza delivered locally!
This is available Mon – Fri: 12pm – 9pm & Sat – Sun: 3pm – 9pm

Sarti @ Home
We continue to deliver a great range of food & groceries to prepare at home. Pizzas, pastas, wine & desserts, plus store-cupboard essentials. Check out the Sarti @ Home Menu.

Christmas Gifts & Hampers
Order hampers, wine, chocolate, Panettone & lots of seasonal goodies through Sarti Online. We can deliver orders & you can also click & collect.

Christmas @ Home
Let Sarti chefs organise your Christmas dinner. Check out the Christmas @ Home Menu – there’s no set menu…just order whatever you’d like!

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wine Sarti Renfield St - glasgow

Our Story

Welcome to Sarti, Glasgow’s favourite Italian restaurants & cafes.

Our story is simple, but one that we’re very proud of. 

Sarti Wellington St opened as a cafe & delicatessen in 1992, and set a new standard for authentic Italian food in Glasgow. The restaurants on Bath St & Renfield St, also in Glasgow, followed.

The concept has always been simple – combine the finest Italian ingredients with outstanding Scottish produce, to create traditional Italian food that looks good & tastes even better. We still import the majority of our Italian ingredients directly from Italy – read more about this on our menus page.

Whichever cafe or restaurant you choose, you can be sure of a warm welcome, and a fantastic meal. We always have plenty of pizza, pasta, meat & seafood on the menu.

Children are welcome, and we also have a good choice for vegans, vegetarians and anyone on a gluten-free diet.

Sarti Wellington St

The original Sarti cafe, which opened 27 years ago. Open for Italian breakfasts & coffee (sit in & takeaway) from 8am, lunch & dinner and always with a lively atmosphere.

Sarti Bath St

“Not an Italian restaurant, but a restaurant in Italy” is how this restaurant was described in the London Times. An open kitchen & a recent upgrade has only enhanced the atmosphere.

Sarti Renfield St

The Murano chandeliers & marble of this former banking hall makes this the grandest-looking of our restaurants. However, the menu & service are equally relaxed & friendly.


What People are Saying

“Good food, lovely atmosphere…”

First time I’ve been here, but definitely coming back. Good food, lovely atmosphere and excellent service. Can’t praise high enough. Just go!!!.

Mary Masterton, Google

“Authentic Italian cuisine…”

Oh my what a delight this place is! Authentic Italian cuisine – no junk, no fuss. Immediately I’m going to say to you – book your table because you may find it hard to get in otherwise. While I was there, five or six walk in tables were turned away. The atmosphere was warm, friendly and attentive. “

Stephen Brown, Google

“…various gluten free options”

A very nice Italian restaurant, great atmosphere nice service, various gluten-free options. Great!.”

Norman Weber, Google

“…cooked to perfection”

The food was exquisite… Proper authentic Italian cuisine, using good local produce, cooked to perfection. And very reasonably priced. Staff are friendly. Can only recommend.

Cloud, Google

Sarti Wellington Street


MON – FRI: 9am – 9pm
SAT – SUN: 3pm – 9pm


MON – FRI: 12pm- 9pm
SAT – SUN: 3pm – 9pm


133 Wellington St,


G2 2XD

Sarti Bath Street



121 Bath St,


G2 2SZ

Sarti Renfield



42 Renfield St,


G2 1NE

Minimum Orders & Delivery Charges

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Minimum Orders & Delivery Charges

G Postcodes

Delivery Days: Mon, Wed + Fri
Order Value: £35+ = Free Delivery
Order Value: £5 to £34.99 = £5 Delivery
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Minimum Order: £45 + £5 Delivery
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Minimum Order: £45 + £5 Delivery
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Delivery Days: Mon, Wed + Fri
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Order Value: £5 to £34.99 = £5 Delivery
ML1, ML2, ML3, ML4, ML5, ML6 + ML7

Minimum Order: £45 + £5 Delivery
ML8, ML9, ML10, ML11 + ML12

KA Postcodes

Delivery Days: Monday
Minimum Order: £45 + £5 Delivery
KA1 – KA30

KA27 + KA28 – no delivery (sorry)!


FK Postcodes

Delivery Days: Mon, Wed + Fri
Minimum Order: £45 + £5 Delivery
All FK Postcodes